Managing Imports

Global Logistics has an import Seafreight department that handles all import shipments. The staff are dedicated to liaising with Suppliers and clients to ensure shipments are booked on the next available vessel and with our logistics agent port clearance are further transportation is arranged by truck.

Our office at Lusaka International Airport handles all airfreight imports and with our network of agents worldwide, all pre-alerts are sent for airfreight shipments prior to dispatch and entries can then be framed prior to arrival in Lusaka and Ndola. Our airport office will collect documents from the handling agents such as Zega, Nac 2000 and process customs clearance immediately.

We manage our imports by maintaining a schedule that are updated daily on the position of the cargo, expected time of arrival at the port, when the documentation is required at the port, expected delivery time at final destination. Our clients are sent a pre-alert to advise them of these details.
Should any charges for freight, handling or release fees be applicable the client will be advised immediately.

The dedicated road freight team has a tracking system which is updated daily. Once the pre alert is received a customs worksheet is prepared if Global Logistics is the nominated Clearing agent, if not then all documents will be passed to the respective agent.

Managing Exports

Global Logistics has an Export Seafreight department. We have container depot’s with containers readily available for export. The export staff will arrange pre-carriage from Zambia to Durban, Beira and Dar es Salaam ports in full container loads, break bulk or LCL’s to final destination as required for the export. We also offer services into final destination South Africa, Namibia and our regional and neighboring countries by road.

Our airfreight department can offer freight from Lusaka and Ndola to your destination airport and clearance and delivery to final destination if required. Our worldwide agents offer delivery

Our exports department offers customs clearance through ZRA. Once confirmation that the cargo is ready for export all necessary documentation will be submitted to customs for export clearance. Once all documents are release from customs the cargo will be dispatched and a full tracking update of all details of this shipment will be sent to the client. Daily tracking of the shipment will be sent until delivery to final destination.

A schedule will be maintained to ensure the client is aware of the position of their cargo and when the cargo can be expected at final destination. Documentation such as Bills of Lading and airway bills will be released once the vessel sails and for airfreight, when the cargo is dispatched.

Transport Cargoes to Zambian Port of Entry

Global Logistics transports cargoes on a daily basis to the various Zambian ports of entries, such as Lusaka International Airport, Chirundu, Livingstone, Kazungula, Katima Mulilo, Kasumbalesa and Nakonde where Global Logistics have their own offices.

We work closely with Matvin International who handle the road freight into Zambia, dispatching up to 5 trucks per day from South Africa. Global Logistics mainly deal with our overseas network agents such as Kintetsu World Express on imports of airfreight, but also with other agents depending on the client’s requirements. Global Logistics have a weekly airfreight consolidation from UK to Lusaka and a monthly seafreight consolidation from UK to Zambia.

Transport Cargoes from Zambian Port of Entry or Within Zambia

Global Logistics offers road haulage of cargo from all Zambian Ports of Entry and all towns. Examples of some of our recent movements are collections from Kariba for generators needing repair, Cotton collection from Kafue, Medical equipment from Northern Province, mining equipment from the Copperbelt, pepper mash from Livingstone and Kazungula.

We have also handled special equipment such dump trucks to Zimba, Livingstone and Choma for China Geo, a road construction company. Hydro Power equipment has been delivered to Kariba for a new project early this year.

Global Logistics has handled project cargo that was delivered to various locations around Zambia. Medical equipment such as hospital beds were delivered to 160 hospitals around Zambia. We delivered 200 boreholes to Northern Province for the JICA Water project. For Zamtel, we have delivered antenna’s, towering material and switching material to the Copperbelt.

Provide Transport for the Export of Goods from Zambia to Country of Destination

Global Logistics is able to handle transport by road and air from Zambia to various countries around the world.

Our export department has been handling shipments for SWARP Spinning Mills from Ndola to ports in Europe for over 8 years on MSC through bills of Lading. We arranged for the containers to be released for stuffing, the cargo is then trucked to Durban and seafreighted to final ports of discharge in Europe and throughout the world.

Recently we handled the exportation of tobacco for Tombwe Processing Limited and Zambia Leaf Tobacco of over 100 containers to Europe and the Far East, where we were responsible for all aspects of export; providing the containers , all transportation to the port of final destination and export documentation.

Some other commodities exported from Zambia to overseas destinations are Coffee to Rotterdam, timber to the Far East, Lead ingots to India and Far East, rough gem stones and Amethyst to India.

Prepare & Collate Documentation for Shipment of Goods by Road, Air or Sea

Global Logistics is able to collate documentation for goods by road, air and sea. We have daily dealings with ZRA, where we submit documents to customs for clearances, frame entries and negotiate with ZRA on behalf of our clients if any queries should arise.

We have an in-house Customs/ Asycuda registration system, therefore entries for import/ export will be registered as and when required.

Global Logistics has experience in applying for import permits on behalf of our clients and on prior arrangement.

We currently prepare freight manifests for all export shipments, submit export clearances to customs, arrange permits when necessary. For exports on MSC through bills of lading, we will issue the Bills of Lading once the vessel sails.

We are able to issue Air Way Bills(AWB) for airfreight exports.

We have dealt with several airfreight, roadfreight and seafreight import shipments with our worldwide forwarding agents who collect all documents from the supplier, submit to their customs authority for clearance, prepare the road manifest , where applicable and pass all documents to us in preparation to receive the cargo in Zambia.

Provide Pre-Alerts to Clearing Agents for Upcomming Clearances

Our freight forwarders send us pre-alerts on a daily basis. Each load has a load number, this will indicate how many shipments are on that load and who the nominated clearing agent is. Each shipment has a pre-alert attached and Global Logistics will pass the pre-alert details to the nominated clearing agent. Global Logistics receives 15-20 pre-alerts on average per day.

Provide the Necessary Documentation to Clearing Agents to Process Imports / Exports

Global Logistics will provide the necessary documentation to the clearing agent which is received from the freight forwarder as a pre-alert.

For export shipments the road manifest will be provided by Global Logistics, commercial invoice and packing list will be provided by the supplier and Global will ensure that this documentation passed to the nominated clearing agent.

Provide Expediting Services of Foreign Orders

Global Logistics has handled various types of cargo from India, Europe and Far East. Expeditors and DSV Air and Sea have liaised directly with suppliers to arrange collection, export documentation and dispatch in good time by sea, road or air.

Our sales department will liaise with agents for quotes if required. Once we receive details from our overseas agents and forwarders we will confirm the same details to LMC. The cargo will be tracked and all details passed to LMC. Bill of entries will be prepared in readiness for arrival of the cargo to avoid delays.


We prepare regular reports for both internal use and for clients. These are prepared on a daily weekly, monthly and adhoc basis when required. Examples for specific clients are Shoprite , Toyota Zambia, Southern Cross Motors, Vehicle Centre and Airtel Zambia.

Global Logistics can maintain schedules and reports for all shipments by export and import on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis as per requirements stipulated by yourselves.

Project Cargo / Distribution

Global Logistics are well versed with the handling and management of turn-key project and aid cargoes.

The Company has been involved in the forwarding, handling, sorting, and distribution for numerous projects including:-

  • Phillips ORET Medical Project
  • Sirius Medical Equipment
  • Nissaku Ground Water
  • ABB Kafue and Kariba Gorge Projects

All project cargo is independently managed by a Project Team headed up by Mr. Yusuf P. Patel. Mr. Patel has over 20 years’ experience with project cargoes and has managed projects varying in size from a Turn-key Factory project to small hand held Microscopes being delivered to an Island with no road access.

We ensure that all parties are kept informed on a daily basis of tracking tracing and delivery to site. On conclusion of each project we ensure that all parties have the necessary documentary evidence or “Proof of Delivery” to ensure final payment by their principals.

Customs Clearance

Global Logistics customs clearing department prides itself on the practical hands-on management of all our customers’ customs clearing requirements. The Company is a member of the Zambia Customs Clearing and Forwarding Agents Association.

Global Logistics have 2 bonded warehouses facilities and an approved Customs Area in Lusaka and offers final Clearance either at the port of entry or in Lusaka along with bonded warehouse storage and subsequent final Clearance.

In addition to the above we have 200 m2 transit approved Customs area at the Lusaka International Airport.

The bonded warehouse offers a practical solution to cash flow management in that it allows the customer the ability to only pay duty on their consignments as and when they require their goods. The Bonded Warehouses are situated on Mungwi and Katanga Road in Chinika with total Bond cover of over US$ 5 million.

We also have border clearing offices at Livingstone; Nakonde and Chirundu, both with Removal in Bond facilities.

The Clearing Department in Lusaka is managed by the Operations Manager Mr. Robby Gill who is fully conversant with customs formalities and can offer advice regarding customs tariffs and import regulations.
At the International Airport we have Mr. Kevin Birch our Director manages a very efficient team of 12 staff and is involved with accounts such ar Airtel; MTN; Shoprite.

Indent Monitoring

Global Logistics provide a comprehensive Indent Monitoring system for all our shipments by Sea, Air or Road. Our coordinators monitoring all our shipments and maintain an indent file for each consignment. The staff will track the shipment and keep your office updated as to the status of each shipment.

This procedure enables us to be more pro-active and offer a practical solution to your clearing and forwarding requirements.

In addition to the above we advocate streamlining the clearing procedure through: -

  • A standardized invoice from all your Suppliers on a spreadsheet format.
    The invoice must bear the HS Code or Tariff Code, description as per the System / tariff book
  • Uniform itemized packing lists
    Itemized packing lists on a spreadsheet format giving the correct statistical units i.e. weight; litres; dimensions.
  • Computer-to-computer communication of data
    This would provide direct integration between our files and yours. We could use a variety of formats that are industry standard, or if you choose, you can use a format compatible to your company.

The above procedure will enable us to save you a tremendous amount of management time hours of manual auditing, which would mean productivity improvements for your company.

Shareholders / Directors Information

Global Logistics has been in existence in Zambia for the past 12 years.

The two main shareholders and directors are both very hands on and are involved in the day to day running of the company. Both have had over 25 years freight forwarding and customs clearing experience in Zambia, in senior management positions at various large mainly internationally based freight companies. The Managing Director has lived in Zambia for most of his life whilst the other Director has lived in Zambia for 26 years.

Designation Name Email
Managing Director Marcel van Vlaanderen
Director Finance / Airfreight Kevin Birch
Designation Name Shares held
Managing Director Marcel van Vlaanderen 129,280 Ordinary Shares
Director Finance / Airfreight Kevin Birch 52,520 Ordinary Shares


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